Here are the hand-dyed frames that All For Show Framing is known for - standard or custom sized frames in bold and exciting colors! Below is a gallery showing prints and pictures paired with their custom-dyed frames. These color options come in ayous wood, barnwood, and trim.


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Billy Strings
The orange frame is made from aged cedar, sanded and dyed to this vivid orange. The dark blue mat really helps it pop!
Odd Shaped Pieces
This print has a purple barnwood frame with a yellow trim - everything dyed to match!
Pitchfork Music Festival
This goofy print is brought to life with the dark red barnwood frame.
Floater Frame
This tiny painting needed a dramatic setting! The face and side of the frame were dyed a wine color and the inside was painted black.
Three Cats
These pet portraits are set off by the rustic frame dyed a deep warm brown.
This print has a black mat with a purple core and the barnwood frame was dyed yellow to set off the fun color combination.
Papyrus Cat
The rustic wood grain, here dyed a warm yellow, brings out the texture of the papyrus paper.
Framed Souvenier
The barnwood frame was dyed a deep green to match the color of the text.
Superhero Nurse
This simple gray and white print has a small red area - we mirrored that with a narrow red trim in a soft gray frame.
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