Here you will find a collection of images that show a more traditional approach to framing. Each includes an explanation of why each frame was chosen, and gives a sense of the many vendors we have to choose from. 


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Framed Bride
We worked together to showcase this photo - the colors, textures, fillet and frame were all chosen to recall the decor of her wedding venue.
Wilco Print in a Gold Frame
Two frames were used to enhance the quirky beauty of the Wilco print.
Black Fillet
This print features a Gemini frame that matches the color and motifs of the print. I added a small black fillet to provide a visual break between the print and the frame.
Thin Fillet
This Appleseed Cast print is showcased in a cranberry frame from Larson-Juhl, with a thin and delicate fillet that matches the weight of the font.
Thin Fillet Detail
Here you can see the texture of the frame and the delicate nature of the fillet.
Color Core Matting
The thin Nielsen frame and color core mat help to edge this Andrew Bird print into the realm of outstanding.
Maltese Cross
This print has a heavily textured background. The wide white mat provides some visual breathing room between the textured frame and the busy background.
Fillet and Scrollwork
This Minus the Bear print features a silver fillet to echo the diamonds and a scrolled black frame to match the fine details.
Slightly Creepy
This Nice Hooves print has an unusual frame, and one that matches the eerie feeling of the print.
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